My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.

Raid The Convent

We Gather Together With Murder On Our Minds
Nuns Are The Target Religion Is The Crime
Driven By Lust And Deep-Seeded Resent
Tonight We Go And Raid The Convent
We Have Come To Kill We Have Come To Rape
No One Survives No One Escapes
Corralling The Victims Mephisto Grins
This Unholy Night The Massacre Begins
Raid The Convent
Avenging All The Ghouls And Witches
Raid The Convent
Condemned By These Fucking Bitches
Raid The Convent
The Attack On Catholicism
Raid The Convent
Assailants Propagate The Schism
The Stains Of Blood From Those We Brutalize
Adorn The Goats And Oxen That We Ride
We Leave The Churchyard And Start Back To The Woods
The Master Cackles As Evil Conquers Good
The Onslaught Is Over The Ambush Is Done
The Headless Corpses Decapitated Nuns
The Black White And Puddles Of Red
This Flock Of Cunts Is Now Fucking Dead
Raid The Convent Now


I Close Your Eyes
And Send You Into Vainly Dreams
I Reign Your Soul
The Night Engulf Your Painful Screams

I Watch You Cry And
Twist Your Soul In Agony
No Prayers Can Save You Now
From Hell In Eternity

I Devastate Your Soul
And Lacerate Your Mind
In Sin I Sanctify My
Sword To Crush Your Spine

[I'm The] Reaper
You're Too Confused
You Can't Elude My Misty Eyes
No Need To Hang On
To Your Faith In Love And Life

Whatever I Command
Your Soul Obeys My Needs
You're Like A Zombie Now
With A Soul That Burns And Bleeds

There's Not Much Left Of You
Your Soul Belongs To Me
Nothing Can Save You Now
Or Set Your Spirit Free

[I'm The] Reaper

[Coming To Take You]

I Love The Sight Of Having You
Down And Open Wide
The Smell Of A Dead Woman's Flesh
Just Drives Me Fucking Wild

I Have To Got You In My Grasp Now
There Is No Need To Escape
I'll Penetrate You
Every Virgin Needs A Rape

Just When You Think You Have
Gone Through All That Gives You Pain
I'm Coming Back To You
To Penetrate Again

[I'm The Reaper]

Rebuilding Sodom

It Was Once Destroyed
But The Time Has Come
To Drain The Dead Sea
And Rebuild Sodom

Rebuilding Sodom

Let'S Clear Away The Sulfur
Brought By Heavens Might
To Defy The Christian Lord
I Bring Back The Sodomites

Let'S Rebuild Sodom

By Brick And Stone
Wall And Well
Return This City
From The Heart Of Hell

But There Is Another
Gomorrah Is Your Twin
Together With These Cities
We Return This World To Sin

Help Nunslaughter Rebuild Sodom

Immorality And Vice
A Gift Unto This Land
Fornicate And Revel
That Is What I Am

Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death

Violent Procreation Is The Only Way I Know
Abacinate The Infidels Sanguinary Flow

Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death

Malignant Growth, Abnormal Cells
Removing Tumors With Fires Of Hell
Leeching Blood, Undying Thirst
Severed Spines, Blisters Burst

Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death

Rotting Bodies, Devoid Of Blood
Smoldering Souls In A Pit Of Mud
Slashed And Torn, Bone From Skin
Broken Spleen Drained From Within

Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death

Boiled Flesh Sickening Smell
The Screams Of Agony I Know So Well
Blackened Lungs, Abhorrent Face
I Have Damned You In This Place
Heed My Word, Live In Fear
When The Sun Sets, I Will Be Near

Because Sadist says, Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death

Tearing Flesh, Confusion
Blood Pours From Your Eye Sockets
Inflicted Contusions
Punctured Bodies Bruising

Reign In Blood

Trapped In Purgatory
A Lifeless Object, Alive
Awaiting Reprisal
Death Will Be Their Acquisition

The Sky Is Turning Red
Return To Power Draws Near
Fall Into Me, The Sky's Crimson Tears
Abolish The Rules Made Of Stone

Pierced From Below, Souls Of My Treacherous Past
Betrayed By Many, Now Ornaments Dripping Above

Awaiting The Hour Of Reprisal
Your Time Slips Away

Raining Blood!
From A Lacerated Sky
Bleeding Its Horror
Creating My Structure
Now I Shall Reign In Blood!

Ride The Nightmare

A Gruesome Steed Is My Agent
On This Trek To The Nether Regions
To Commiserate With Evil Letches
Known As Lord Satan's Legions

This Trip I Am On Makes Me Drink From A Sinful Well
Of Personal Anguish And Misery On My Descent To Hell

I Fooled With The Arcane, Hermetic And Hellfire
There Is No Hope For Me, I Am Marooned In Mire
But I Reached My Foolish Objective And Returned To Say The Least
For Down In Hell There Is Only One Ruler Known As The Beast

I Speak In Tongues
To The Keeper Of My Soul
The Umbra Of My Heart
Forever Without Light

Riders The Apocalypse

Famine's Horse Is Black
Fallow Ground 'Neath His Track
From The Sky It Rains Hail
Lack Of Food From His Tipping Scale

Conquest He Is The Antichrist
Riding A Steed Of White
Striking With Militant Drones
Killing Souls From His Mighty Bow

War He Rides On Red
With A Sword He Takes Your Head
Contempt Of Life
Creating Chaos And Strife

And Behold There Come Four Chariots From Between Two Mountains
Famine, Conquest, War And Death

Death's Stallion Is Pale
Standing On Top The Hill
Ancient Ways Now Restored
Unlock The Demon Horde

Ritual Of Darkness

In This Ritual
You Will Be Reborn
Hail The One Dark Lord
Submerge Yourself In Gore
Ritual Of Darkness
Baptized In Blood
Crucifix In Flames
Eat The Holy Child
In The Wake Of Death
Ritual Of Darkness

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