My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.

Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest

The Lord And Christ
And All The Gods
Come To Me In My Thoughts
I Must Admit I Fear To See
What Evil Lurks From
This Once Holy Priest

Obsessed With The Visions
Of A Satanic Priest

With This Image I Will Convey
A Book Of Spells And
A Preacher Strays
Sexual Lust Conjugal Rites
Black Woolen Cloak
Catholic Fright
He Has The Power Pentagram
Black Cat And Owls
Priest Hood Damned
Diabolic Force Red Devil Might
Spiral Horns Through
The Body Of Christ

Obsessed With The Visions
Of A Satanic Priest

Chaos Book Priest Conjure Thee
Marduk Answers Kutulu Screams
Be Not The Last In This Land Of Woe
Recite Thine Words For Hell Below
Tend Your Flock
They Must Not Stray
Fire Demons Raised
In The Darkest Day
I'm Obsessed Can't You See
With The Vision Of A Satanic Priest
Join The Church Of Hell
Let Demons Ring


A Loathsome Crypt Defiler
Lurk Among The Tombstones
Delightfully Plundering Graves
Feed On Corpse And Bones

Realize I Am Ogrish
This Is What I Do
When You Fucking Die
I'Ll Do It To You To

Perversely Cruel And Infernal
Satanical Wicked Thoughts
Looting The Loam Filled Burial
Devour The Repulsive Rot

Understand The Fiend
Grown From A Child
Taste The Dying Skin
Drives Me Fucking Wild

Melt Into The Night
Headstone Ripped
Hunger Pangs
I Enter Your Crypt


We Call Upon The Spirit World
To Summon Up The Dead
Candles Burn And Mystic Chants
Are Dancing Through My Head
Questions Ask The Truth Be Told
But Some Of Them Have Lied
About The Way They Left This World
The Others That Have Died
We Call Upon The Dead
Now We're In The Netherworld
Begin With Yes And No
Ask About The Afterlife
The Time Spent Down Below
How Is It You Came To Us
You Float Above The Floor
Time Has Come For You To Leave
And Close This Astral Door
We Call Upon The Dead
Why Is It You Play With This
To Quench Your Morbid Thirst
Opening The Passage Ways
Can Only Get You Cursed
Learn This Lesson Once My Friend
I'm Sure Your Quick To Tell
A Tale Of Misplaced Souls
And The Trip You Took To Hell
We Call Upon The Dead

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May 17th, 2022

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