My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.


All The Bodies Turn To Liquid 'Neath The Subsoil Dust
Guts And Bones And Brains And Blood They Will Turn To Mush
Roots Will Grow And Break The Skin Chewing Down On Us
Drinking Down The Foaming Innards We Are Turned To Pus

Get These Maggots Off Me

The Grim And Inexorable Task Consummated By Scores
Gnawing Down The Meat And Coming Back For More
All The Muscle And Sinew Gone To The Head They Bore
Gulping Down The Rotted Heart Bathed In Human Gore

Ravenous, Insatiable Ardent And Voracious
Rapacious, Barbarous Eager And Narcissistic
Zealous, Thirsty Fervent And Vehement
Pukish, Abhorrent Sickening And Repulsive

Midnight Mass

In The Woods We Chant
On The Ground We Carve
Ancient Rites
We Preach Tonight
Evil Ones
I Conjure With Spell

Midnight Mass
Preacher Beware
Midnight Mass
Demons Conjure
Midnight Mass

Eye Of Bat
We Add To The Brew
Warlock Dance
With Skull And Bone In Hand
Witches Grin
At The Magic They Have Done
Bleeding Pig
Left To The Land

Midnight Mass

Mother, Cunt, Whore

Mother, Cunt, Whore
Jesus Christ
Sent Down From Heaven To Show You The Way
Lamb Of God
You Take Away The Sins Of The World
Holy Bitch
You Bore The One I Hate The Most

Mother, Cunt, Whore
Fuck The Church
The Temple Of God Has No Place In Me
March On Rome
The Vatican Is Cleansed In Flames
Kill You God
I Lash Out At You You Strike Back At Me

Sons Of God Have Fell From Grace As The Righteous
Take The Lead
Legions Of Holy Spew The Gospel As They Condemn Me
But I Know The Truth I Have Seen My Death And I Am An
Unholy Man
When I Enter Hell It Will Be On My Feet Clenched In
Satan's Left Hand

Heaven Burns
For The Words That I Say And Things That I Do
Your Lord Lies
No Heavens Gate No Afterlife
Son Of Shit
Died On The Cross Stabbed With A Spear

Murder By The Stake

I Will Start To Kill
Before You Run And Hide
It Is My Destiny To Kill All Your Kind
Lying In Your Coffin
Awaiting The Cold Night
I Begin The Hunt And You Begin The Flight
This Is My Mission
To Wipe You From The Earth
When You Die You'll Go To Hell And Witness
Your Rebirth
All The Flying Dead
And The Corpses That You Make
I Will Slay You Its Murder By The Stake

I Begin Hunting At Dawn For These Lustfull Fiend
I Keep My Cross In My Hand And My Stake By My Side

Back In The Lair
You Arg In The Ground
Unseen In Earth You Never Make A Sound
Fever Of The Dead
Drunk On The Blood
Vamp Bite The Neck And Call It Undead Love
The Fangs Of Death
Bite Into The Skin
Unholy Legion That Is Hell Bent On Sin
Now You Start To Fade
Remorse For What You Take
I Drive It In Its Murder By The Stake


The Fify-fourth Spirit Is An Evil Murmur
He Is A Great Duke And A Damnable  Earl
Appeareth In The Shape, Horrid Soldier Dead
riding On A Gryphon. Ducal Crown Upon His Head
Ministers Stand Before Him. Clarion Trumpets Dread
Answering Questions. Asked By The Dead
Murmex Much Teach. Souls Of The Deceased
Come Before The Exorcist. Answer Questions If They Exist
To TeachPhilosophy And Make The Fallen Appear
Matthias Is The Name For WhichThe Dead Must Fear

My Evil Concubine

Up From The Depths She Comes From The Earth, I Am Hers To Attack
Fire In The Sky Brings Passion To My Heart And Surrounds Me In Black
With Unholy Hell Burning In My Blood I Turn Up My Lustful Hate
To Sell My Soul To Evil, I Unlock Hell'S Rusty Gate

This Devil She Wants Me, She Knows She Can
Cuz Fucking For Hell Is My Unholy Plan
I Have The Skill, I Have Desire
To Fuck This Wench To Death With Hell Fucking Fire

Dependant On This Wench, How Pitiful Is My Plight, I'M All Alone ... The Altar Lamp
My Sole Companion Burning Through The Night

It Is For Me But Not Everyone
To Crush My Blighted Soul I Allow This Evil One
She Makes Me Angry, She Makes Me Sick
But When She Lies With Me I Am Satanic

The Days And Months Speed Swiftly By, Too Soon I Shall Be Old, I Have Nothing ...
Her Beauty Gone, The Glow Of Youth, Shriveled, Pale And Cold

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May 17th, 2022

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