My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.

Jaws Of Satan

Shred Of Flesh Gnawed To The Bone
Unholy Kingdom Ruled By Death
Hell's Fire Burning Desecrating Valley
Satan Stands Watching The Corpses That Surround Me

Jaws Of Satan!

Intestinal Fluid Dripping From My Mouth
Demons Rise Forth To Pull Me Down!
Centuires Of Gore, Bloody Lakes Of Red
Gargoyle Of Hell Fucking Eats The Dead!

Jaws Of Satan!

Jaws Of Death Will Arrive
Mist Of Doom Will Consume!
Evil Blackness Cursed The Priest!
Up From Hell They Shall Dwell
Marching Dead Locks The Gate
Slicing Axe Seals Your Fate
Enochian Keys Burn With Power
Black Magic Force Takes It's Course

Wings Of Death Are Wrapped Around Me
Conflict Of Evil Reigns Unholy
Throne Of Torment Horns Of Hell
Flood The Temple The Witches Spell!

Jesus Is Doomed

Jesus Is Fucking Doomed
His Death Is Coming Soon
This Time He Will Not Rise
Well Make Sure He Fucking Dies
Doomed, Doomed... Jesus Is Doomed
Destroy The Holy Ghost
The One We Hate The Most
Enjoy Eternal Life
With Out Jesus Christ
Doomed, Doomed... Jesus Is Doomed


Pontius Pilate's Judgement Hall Where Jesus Was Condemned To Death
The Monastery Where Jesus Was Given The Cross
The Spot Where Jesus Fell Under The Weight Of The Cross
Where Mary Came Out Of The Crowd To See Her Dying Son
In Jewrusalem
Simon The Cyrene Helped Jesus Carry The Cross
Recalls The Tradition Of Veronica Wiping His Face
Where Jesus Fell The Second Time
The Place Where Jesus Consoled The Women Of Jewrusalem
The Place Where Jesus Fell The Third Time
Jesus Was Stripped Of His Garments
Jesus Is Nailed To The Fucking Cross
The Spot Where Jesus' Body Was Taken Down
Now Enter With Me Into The Tomb Of Jesus

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May 17th, 2022

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