My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
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Haunted Places

Let Me Be The One That Makes You Get Into The Tomb
Look Around Its Closing In Sealing In Your Doom
Evil Creatures Evil Faces Showing You The Dead
Illuminating Ghosts That Float Above Your Bed

Now I Take You On A Tour A Foul Unseen Jaunt
I Prove To You I Illustrate You Shriek About The Haunt
A Dark And Dusty Evil Ride Were Going On A Trip
Moldy Musty Battered Wall Deep Inside A Crypt

You Must Fear The Dark And Haunted Places
A Fantastic Journey Wrought With Ugly Faces

You Must Fear The Dark And Haunted Places
A Fantastic Journey Wrought With Ugly Face
Clairvoyant Conjuring Can Put You Through Your Paces

Spooky Spectral Diabolic Following The Light
Bellow Bark Yell And Growl Calling On The Might
Pale And Eerie Fantasy This Charismatic Gleam
Occult And Necromantic This Telekinetic Beam

Healing The Possessed

A Wicked Terror Grips You
As You Slip Down Into Hell
Fiendish Thoughts Race Through Your Mind
Of This I Know So Well
Yes I Know It Well The Demons Are Coming

Wait Another Minute Longer You Loose Conscious
As You Give Your Body To Archfiend Diabolous
The Demon Has You Now Pray For Your Fucking Soul

Depraved Evil Immoral Fiend
Masterly Control Profane Lord

Don't Try Healing The Possessed
Wont Try Healing The Possessed
Don't Try Healing The Possessed
Why Try Healing The Possessed

Sinful Acts Degenerate Mind
Impious Soul Foul Beast

Hell Yawns Before You

A Plight Of Great Consequence Now Liens This Day
Darkening Of Heaven The Lighting Of Hells Way
Deep With In A Blackened Uncreated Abyss
Spewing Sepulture Opens Wide With Mist
A Gnarled Gnashing Pounding At The Bludgeoned Sky
Fallen Christian Lord Bellows Covered With Flies

Hungry Vermin Scatter Fast To Lick And Bite
Feasting On Divine Angelic Corpses At Night
Hark The Tempestuous Seven Angels Mourn
Defunct Feeble Harlot Caressing Hells Horns
Foul Horrid Thoughts A Deeds To Imprecate
Ones Fruitless Humanity Absolution Is Too Late
Vain And Valueless Wearied Sterile Mind
Contemptuous And Inoperative A Soul So Blind
Emaciated Dreams Absent Minded To The Core
Life?S Tattered Tapestry Reprehensible Whore
Fetid Gaping Wound Of A World Gone Awry
Speeding Wings Of Vengeance Piercing Holy Sky

Hell Yawns Before You

You Choose This Bedeviled Regretful Way Of Death
Cursing At The Heavens Blaspheming Every Breath
Turmoil Surrounds Your Licentious Sinful Crime
Kingdom Of The Strong You Will Never Die
Impending Damnation Fire My Purlieu
You Would Not Have Changed Even If You Knew



Demon Of Delights You Won't Fight


Tonights The Night Tonight
I Walk The Streets Of Darkness
Indulgence In The Air
To Late To Save The Few
Who Knew Of What And Were
But As I Near The Answer
Grows Into A Lore
Satan's Commandments
From The Pits Of Hellfire Roar


The Midnight Oil Is Gathered
Scents Of Lust Ignite The Air
Bodies Naked Golden Writhe
Their Beauty Without Care
Babylon Their Peasants Dream
My Talisman Drink The Blood Elixir
In Pyramid Demand
We Have Told You Once Before
Now You Listen And Take Heed
You Are A Servent
To The Dark Immortal Breed


I Walk The Streets Of Darkness
Compulsion Sings Despair
The Beast Dictates The Words
For Every Soul To Wear
Black Mist Mendes Whispers
Locked Behind The Door
Take The Keys To Egypt
And Sing Your Evil Score


Hells Unholy Fire

You Have Sinned Unholy Death To Us All
Followers Grow All For The Holy Ghosts Fall
You Will Rot Incinerate In The Pyre
As You Suffer In Hells Unholy Fire

Morbid Time The Smell Of Death Is In The Air
You Will Die And Not A Soul On Earth Cares
Stranded Here For You There Is No Salvation
The Unholy Fire Brings Total Damnation

You Have Died Maggots Crawl On Your White Face
He Will Ask You Who Damned You In This Place
All Thoughts Become Blurred With Desire
As You Suffer In Hells Unholy Fire


With This Knot I Seal This Hex
You Will Not Sleep, You Will Not Rest
Knots Of Anger, Knots Of Hate
Discord Brings You To Your Fate
This Second Knot It Makes Two
Unhallowed Thoughts And Sickness New
Slander, Schism, Evil Too
Bringing Darkness Straight To You


My Gathered Bones And Frenzy Of Hate
I Add Potency To Your Hexing Fate
With These Bones I Now Do Smash
Cursing My Enemies To Fall To Ash
Candles Burn And Fill The Room
Lighting Your Way To Stagnant Tomb

You Are Mine Now (I Put A Hex On You)

This Third Knot, I Do Bind
Weaving Chaos In Your Mind
A Hex Of Anger, Hex Of Hate
To Bring You Doom, I Will Not Wait
Spirit Abyss, Hear My Call
Most Powerful One And All


Take Thine Enemy, Take Him Smite
Break And Scorn Him In The Night
Oh Lucifer The Shining Star
Touch And Burn Him From Afar
You Are Mine, This Is Your Doom
Screaming Twisting In The Room
Revenge Now Will Have Its Time
Know Thy Enemy You Are Mine


Holier, Much Holier Than You Were Before
No More
Now Your Purpose, Jesus, Flowing In Your Soul
No More
Feel Complete What A Nice Retreat To The Call
No More
The Wrath Of God Will Serve You Well As Bodies Fall
In Hate
Finding The Answers, Distoring The Question
Ending All Possibilities For Things To Change
Rotting In Your Empty Shell
Writhing In Relentless Hell
It's Death You Chose, You Chose It Well
In Your Mind You've Found It
In My Mind, Where's Your God? He's In Your Head
In Their Minds, They've Found It
In My Mind, Where's Your God? He's In Your Head

Hornets In The Chapel

Vocals & Lyrics - Sadist

Vespid Wasps
Begin To Attack
The Clergy And Parishioners
In This Place Of Worship
Angry Invaders
Smothering Victims
The Potent Venom Suffocates
Their Human Enemies

Hornets In The Chapel
Swarming Savagely
Injecting The Poison
Stinging Violently

Workers And Drones
Lead The Assault
Covering Every Inch
Of Anything That Fucking Moves
These Winged Asailants
Loud Buzzing Sound
The Last Thing The Dying See
Are The Notched Eyes Of Terror

Hornets In The Chapel
There's No Subterfuge
Vespa Maculata
Inflict The Deluge

How Cold The Grave

The Crypt Is Ready
Last Rites Are Read
But In The Coffin
I Am Not Dead

You'll Never Know The Horror
Of Being Called Death
For Inside This Earthen Chamber
I Am Breathing My Last Breath

Tears Are Shed
Mournful Strife
Flowers Strewn
As You Burry Life

I Hear The Resounding Clang
Of The Consecrated Bell
Holy Water Chills My Face
But Why Can't You Tell

I Can Not Move
I Am Trapped Inside
Don't Bother To Exhume
I Have Already Died

Don't Just Stand There
Fucking Help Me
With The Lid Closed
I Can't Even See

How Cold The Grave

How I Want To Die

From The Minute You Are Born Death Starts Its Eerie Move
Over Hills And Seas Fucking Reaper Is Sent For You

Why Can't You See At This Point It Is A Lie
Choose The Devils Way Its How I Wanna Die


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