My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.

Damned Be The Souls That Enter Heaven

You Will Pray To Heaven
As Your Body Rots
Leave Behind This World
With All Your Thoughts
Body Lowered Down
Soul To Descend
This Earthly Plain
To The Bitter End

Damned Be The Souls
That Enter Heaven

Leeches Of Stench
Create The Gloom
Worms Invade The Corpse
In Your Tomb
Whisper Hades Words
Your Spirit Fell
Dwell Amongst The Darkness
In The Pit Of Hell

Damned Be The Souls
That Enter Heaven

Dead In Ten

Now Has Come The Time To Reflect On Life Well Spent
Music People Travels And What It All Has Meant- Dead In Ten
Fulfilled Beyond Compare In A Truly Sordid Past
I Have Come To Terms That Life Will Not Last- Dead In Ten

Dead In Ten, I’ll Be Dead In Ten

When The Final Time Has Come To Rest My Weary Head
No Funeral Procession Or Viewing That I Am Dead
I Wish To Be Burned And All The Ashes Put To Sod
Knowing While Alive I Cursed And Denied Your God

I’ll Be Dead In Ten
I’ll Be Dead In Ten

This Is Not A Prophecy Or A Vision In A Dream
It Is Just The Way Of Life Some Things Are What They Seem- Dead In Ten
To Live A Life Of Wonder And Accept The End Is Near
Is Not Nihilistic: Death Is Nothing To Fear- Dead In Ten

Dead In Ten, I’ll Be Dead In Ten

Death By The Dead

Blood Clots - Limbs Rot
Body Decays To Slime
Hate Grows - Dead Know
When It's Feeding Time
Hunger Here - Eternal Fear
The Dead Begin To Rise
Harder Crust - Brains To Dust
The Living Begin To Die

Death By The Dead
They Rise To Eat
Death By The Dead
Living Flesh Feast

Tombs Fall, Night Calls,
The Dead Begin To Walk
The Dead Eat Raw Meat
Feasting Dead Are Back
Chew Skin, Drink Blood,
Rip Apart Your Face
Gnaw Bone, Gouge Eyes,
Destroy The Living Race
Tear Flesh From Head
Eyes With No Sight
The Dead With Strength
Power & Might
All Bleeding And Sick
The Living Can't Be Saved
The Dead Drag Guts
They Return To The Grave


Oh In The Town Of Deathlehem, How Still We See Thee Lie!
For In My Deep And Dreamless Creep I See The Christ Child Die.
Now In The Dark And Dreary, I Will Plant My Evil Seed
The Fears Of All The Years And He Will Never Be.

For Christ He Will Be Kill, And I Gather Down Below
While Mortals Sleep, The Devil's Keep The Tides Ebb And Flow.

How Silently But Deadly I Stab The Holy Throat
Beelzebub Imparts The Blessings Of The Goat
No Ear May Hear Me Coming, But In This World Of Sin,
I'M Here To Open Hell's Gate, And Usher Christians In.

Oh Morning Stars Together, Proclaim The Holy Death
And Curses Scream At God The King, As Christ Gasps For Breath!

Belials Children Impure And Gloating To Kill The Child,
Where Misery Cries Out To Thee, Son Of The Mother Wild;

Where Charity Stands Watching And Faith Holds Wide The Door,
The Dark Night Wakes, The Gory Breaks, And Christmas Comes No More.
Oh Holy Child Of Deathlehem, Christmas Angels Tell
Come To Us, Serve With Us. In The Deep Dark Hell!

Defacing Holy Icons

Cling To Your Faith - For I Have A Store To Tell
About An Event - That Took Me Straight To Hell
I Have Had Enough - Of The Christian Crown
Take Heed Of These Words - Lets Fucking Burn It Down

Defacing Holy Icons

This Hallowed Chamber - WAs Once All But Bliss
Chalice Of God - Is Now Filled With Piss
The Headless Done - Nailed To The Covenant Door In The Wood It Is Carved - Fucking Whores

Late At Night The Vandals Choose
The Ones To Be Defaced
Sacrilegious Befouling
The Image Of God Disgraced
Statues Thrown Onto The Ground
Tombstones Overtuned
Pages From The Blessed Book
Are Crumpled Up And Burned

Defacing Holy Icons

All Of The Monuments - Have Since Been Taken Down
Of The Mounting Fear - That Evil Is Abound
In Front Of The Church - Lies A Shattered Crucifix
On The virgin Mary - Is A Blood Red 666

Sculptures Are Disfigured
Tapestries Are Torn To Shreds
A Mockery Made Of Jesus Christ
With Horns Placed On His Head
The Authorities Have No suspects
But The Victims Surely Know
This Is The Work Of Satan
Their Eternal Foe

Devil Metal

Black Is My Heart
The Battle Is Near
Fight For The Sound
Its Metal We Hear
Dark Is The Night
We Live The Fight

Blasphemy And Agony Metal Floods My Veins
A Symphony Of Sickness Metal Is The Way
Devil Metal
You Say You'll Help Me Cause I 'M Fucking Wild
I Say That I Am Fine I Am The Devils Child
Devil Metal

Driving Out The Demons

Jesus Saw But Did Not Say
Archaic Fear Immersed Inside
He Asked What Is Your Name
The Name Legion I Replied

And So Began Our Battle
Over This Simple Childs Soul
An Incredulous Blight
I Shall Not Let Her Go

Possession Is Demonic
The Vatican And Catholics Mourn
A Detestable Nefarious Relic
The Ecclesiastic Scum

For Now I Sit A Scheming Shrew
My Fiendish Claws Sunk Deep
I Possess A Chosen Few
The Pontiff Is Left To Weep

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