My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.

Casket Lid Creaks

Bodies In The Ground They Lie Still
Soil From The Burial Mound Fills
Tomb Six Feet Below The Crust
Dirt To Contain This Foul Lust

Mold Within The Coffin Now Grows
Horrid Stench Of Hell It Must Know
Release Death Demon It Seeks
Chill As The Casket Lid Creaks

Murder And Lust- Tasting The Flesh
Hatred Abound- Foul Cadaver
Hunting At Night- Consumed By Desire
Craving Blood- Wanton Fervor

Crawl Across The Moistened Graveyard
Scars Upon The Flesh Is Now Marred
Nails Rusted And Jagged Now Seek
Thirst Pale Cadaver Must Drink

Hunting At Night- Consumed By Desire
Craving Blood- Wanted Fervor

In The Dark Of The Eve The Crypts Begin To Open
Arise From The Cold Ground And
They Walk Into The Night

As The Casket Lid Creaks


Earth Is Sick - All Life Dies
There Is No Hope For Mankind

Sadness All Around
Brethren Lie Dead
Hatred Of Life
Prophecy Is Dread
Masses Of Death
Withered & Weak
Total Destruction
Morbidity Freak

Standing Alone - Silence All Around
Ruler Of The Dead - Glory Is Found


This Is Cerebus A Fierce Typhon
That Guards The Gates Of Hades
In The Land Of The Dead A Foul Hellhound
A Chimera Of Bitch And Fiend

A Monstrous Three Headed Beast
He Is The Watchdog Of Hell
Hunting And Trapping The Souls Of The Damned
Un-Caged Is The Demon Below

The First Head A Hunter With Keen Eyes And Ears
Can Surely Track You Down
The Second A Killer A Cancerous Mass
Made Of Spite And Horn
The Thrid A Seer A Blind Head With Eyes
King Of This Barking Brood

Blacked Are The Souls Of The Fool In This Putrid Mess
Talons Of The Dog Dig Deep In The Stygian Shore
Charons Ship Of Doom Overflows With The Mounting Dead
The Cerebus Stand Proud As He Howls At Hell

Church Bizarre

Saints And Sinners
God And Devil
Man And Woman
Rape A Beast
In This Church
The Church Bizarre

Upon The Cross Made Of Flesh
A Demon Is Nailed For His Sin
Don't Know What This Beast Has Done
He Is Just There To Bleed

Cross And Fire
Belial Christ
Hand In Hand
Worship And Follow
But Still You Die
In This Church
This Church Bizarre

Church Of Disgust

I Will Be The One You Want
And You Will Worship Me
The God Of Hate The God Of Death
The God You Want To Be
You Feel The Wrath You Feel The Pain
You'll Reap What You Did Sow
I'm Not The God From Heaven
I'm The One From Down Below
In The Church Of Disgust
Your Worthless God Kills Himself Unholy Blasphemy
I Ride The Goat I Drink The Blood Live For Misery
I Rape Your Mind I Eat Your Soul Your God Will Bow To Me
For Heaven Burns An Ashes Fall I Reign Eternally
In The Church Of Disgust

Creeping Darkness

This Is A Haunting Tale
But One That Needs To Be Told
About A Evening Visit
A Black Mass In The Cold
Partcles Did Vacillate
The Air Seemed A Tomb
Pïtch Black In The Corner
There Was Something In My Room
Beware The Shifting Shape
It Comes Without A Face
It Did Not Frighten Me
Until It Moved Bedside
It Moved Across My Heart
I Thought That I Had Died
Maleficent Creature
My Vision Blacking Down
Away The Still Night
Without Even A Sound
When A Spirit Is Out To Scare You
Do Not Panic On The Floor
Soon This Vision Will Exit
Its Energy Under The Door

Cryptic Aeon

The Embodiment Of A Quixotic Being
A Vortex Has Sent An Ambitious Emanation
To Define Noble Deeds I Pursue Unfeigned Might
Through An Immeasurable Space Of Aimless Time

We Will Exist For All Ages Mankind Will Flee
Though Mountains Falter And Dry Are Seas
The Mission Is Never Ending For Our Quandan Entity
Manifest Imperial Strength Until Your Extinction

Since The Dawn Of Time We Were Magnanimous
Galaxies Are Born And The Universe Will Die
Our Prescence Is Felt Throughout The Cryptic Aeon

Can'T Refuse Our Benevolent Existence
A Force Greater Than Hurricanes
Wicked Are Many Whose God Is In The Heavens
For We Will Take Their Faith
And Scatter Their Dogma

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May 17th, 2022

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