My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.


Do What Thou Wilt
A Creed For The Strong
The Minions Of Evil
Sinister Legions Bond
In Mountains Of Madness
The Brood Begins To Swarm
United Brethren Of Lucifer
Crust Of Earth Torn

Steeped Within The Acrid Mist
A Horned Demon Calls
Bound And Twisted Christians
Lumber Before The Fall

Bastard Son Of God
Will Not See The Light Of Day
Into The Pits Of Utumno
Archfiend Leads They Way


A Creed For The Strong
Minions Of Evil
Sinister Legions Now Bond
In Mountains Of Madness
The Brood Begins To Swarm
United Brethren Of Lucifer
This Life It Leaves Me Torn
Steeped Within The Acrid Mist The Horned One Calls My Name
Bound And Twisted Christians Lumber Before The Fall
Bastard Son Of God Won't See The Light Of Day
Into The Pits Of A Utumno, Archfiend He Heads The Way
Banished To The Dark Of Night, Banished From The Kingdom Of Light
Banished Without Fear Of Death, Banished With One Foul Breath
Banished Spot No Eyes Can See, Banished Pain And Life’s Agony
Banished Time Is What I Wait For, Banished To Open Death's Door

Below The Cloven Hoof

Behold The Magic Of A Warlock And The Power Of A King
Sinful Power To Dominate The Demons In The Ring

Majestic Specters Spiral Above The Ashen Colored Sky
Incantations Mumbled Softly Asked The Question Why
Tyrants Trampled Below The Cloven Hoof
Rise The Fallen Populace And Purge The Entitled Bastard
Take Up The sword And Wet The Blade With
The Blood Of Your Master

'neath The Oak

We Have Had Our Era
Our Place In History
But With the Winds And Sands All Changing Time To Rest
'neath The Oak Tree

It Is At An End
I Have Fullfilled My Quest
Greater Than Ten Thousand Before
We Stand As Titans

Now Some Would Say
This Is Destiny
I Tend To Believe In My Heart Of Hearts We Should Bow
'neath The Oak Tree

Can I Keep It Going
But For How Long
We All May Suffer
You Face The End

I Cant Keep To Myself
Many Thoughts In My Head
The Magic Of Stories
An Overwhelming Dread

And If One Would Listen
We Are Not To Old
My Heart Is Still Black
With Tales To Be Told

There Is One More Thing
That Needs To Be Said
Ill Be Here Later And
Long After You Are Dead

'neath The Oak

Beware Of God

When A Man Sells
His Daughter As A Slave. She Will Not Be Freed
For Six Year To The Day

Slaves Be Subject
Your pious Rotting Masters With Sick Holy Disgust
The Good And Perverse

Come Lie With Me
The Sister Answered Him. No My Brother I'm Found
He Then Pushed Her Down

Rape, Perversity, Slavery, Killing
Cannibalism Of Incest, Adultery, Plagues
Beware Of God. Your Fucking God

You Pray To Someone
To Bring Out The Sun And You Always Blame
A Deity With A Different Name

Too Many Lords
All Wielding Words, If You Battle This Way
Your Spirit Ascends Today

Beware Of Your God

Black Beast

Long Talons
Razor Sharp Teeth
Thick Fur
Giant Wings
Deep Red Eyes

Black Beast

Black Fire

The Cursed Hill Is Calling Me
No Future For You, Aimed You By Us
Take Scattring Flesh Blood
Devil's Wings, Give To Them, Evil Wings
Take Cursed Black Fire
Go Mad For Rite, Chant, Pray, Dance, Shout
Insane World Now In There
A Figure Comes Out, Surrounds Us In Screams
Poisoned Spells, Blazing Up, Into The Fire,
We're Drawn In, Black Fire ! Black Fire !
Shout It ! Get It ! Dancing Now ! Burning Now !!!!!!

Black Cat Hanging

Deep Within This Well Of Souls A Spooky Night Revealed
The Clouds Above Us Dark As Pitch The Stars Are All Concealed
We Don Our Blackened Hoods And Burn The Torches Higher
For Now Is The Time Of Witches So Light The Samhains Fire

Black Cat Hanging- By The Moonlight
Black Cat Hanging- Causing Such A Fright

This Tale Of Woe And Strife May Cause You Misery
But The Sinister Plan Has Repeated Throughout History
Many Came To See And Die Upon The Cross
So The Story Came To Pass, One Of Sorrow And Loss

Black Cat Hanging- By The Moonlight
Black Cat Hanging- Causing Such A Fright

Now The Deeds Are Done And Fallen Are The Leaves
The Only One To Witness Lurks The Evil In The Trees
Branches Crack And Tear The Moonlight Covered Sky
Ours Is But To Wonder Why Is It We Die

Black Cat Hanging- By The Moonlight
Black Cat Hanging- Causing Such A Fright

Black Horn Of The Ram

You Have Fallen Now
From The Hand Of God
Come To My Embrace
Triumph Of The Ram

I Will Build This Temple Made From Rams Horns
A Tribute To Our Darkened Lord

Come On In - We Welcome You
Light The Candles - For The Dead
Burning Evil - Scent Of Death
Sense Of Power

13 Years I Built A Structure Made From Rams Horns
Although The Christian Faith Tells Me To Be Warned
I Watched It Grow I Made It Bleed I Never Turned My Back
I Saw The Horn Of The Ram And I Made It Black


Black Metal Is The Game I Play
Cause No One Show Me The Right Way
I Am A Bloody Antichrist, Only Believe In Bad
Spit At The Church, Evil I Get

Rites Of Death, Return To Hell
I Am Satan's Child, Attack You With Spell

I Turn The Cross Upside Down
And Read Satanic Bible With Fucking Grown
My Life Begins At Midnight Twelve
Masturbate To Kill Myself


I Love To Drink My Own Blood
My Sin Is My Life In A War With God
I Talk To The Demons Night Tonight
Make Love And Black Masses In A Dark Shadow Light


Blasphemy Of The Flesh

Contusions Of The Face
Asphyxiation - Suffocation Of A Race
Complete The Righteous Deed
Tradition - To End This Prophecy

Blasphemy Of Religious Spawn
Catastrophy At The Birth Of Dawn
Atrophy From The Severed Head
Cacophony Caused By The Living Dead

Blasphemy Of The Flesh

Symphony Of The Living Dead
Prophecy The Terror & Dread
Legacy Of Your God Is Gore
Tragedy That Exists No More

Blasphemy Of The Flesh

Blood For Blood

You Say Love God
I Say Kill The Jew
You Say Forgive
Then I Say Fuck You
Blood For Blood Is Pain And Misery
All For One Insane Epiphany
What I Feel Is Hate And Suffering
Blood For Blood Is Evil Everlasting

Standing On Top Of The Mountain
Looking Towards The River Of Styx
Your Denied God
Hangs Upon His Crucifix

Blood For Blood.

The Fools With With Religion
Will Fall To Their Knees
Any Chance I Get
I'll Make The Fucking Bastards Bleed

Boundless Fire

There Is A House Upon The Hill
From Which This Story Is Told
A Tale Of Human Cannibals
Brought Into The Fold
One Cold And Stormy Night
When The Asylum Did Not Lock
From Inside The Patients Gathered
They Began To Plot
Delusions Of Flight
And Feasting Flesh Prevailed
Down The Street Into The Town
They Began To Wail

Hear The Screams Of Agony
This Frightful Night Begins
Fulfilling Every Fantasy
Of Hatred Lust And Sin
They Rip Apart They Shall Not Street
Thought To Be Possessed By Hell
As The Cacodemons Feast

Rage By A Force Not Known To Man
Their Fangs Cut Like Knives
Psychosis Of Consumption
They Take Away Your Life
To Savour This A Mortal Meal
Humans Become A Beast
Thought To Be Possessed By Hell
As The Cacodemons Feast

Bring Me The Head Of God

You Know His Son He Is Upon The Cross
You Know His Word Is Always False
A Preachers Lie You Can't Be Found
Go Find God And Hunt Him Down

Bring Me The Head Of God

You Kill Christ
I'll Kill Satan
You Kill Your God
Together We Will Kill Religion

Now They Are Gone But Not Forgot
No Hope For Man Unless They Rot

Broken And Alone

Down Inside Was Compassion I Lost Many Years Ago
A Stolen Piece Of Me I Had But Did Not Know
Looking To Heal Inside The Steps I Took Were Small
Family Is Estranged No One To Answer My Call

I Am Broken...Hardened By Life And Withered By Time
Alone ... I Only Can Rely On Myself

I Am Broken And Alone
No Reason, To Beomoan May Death Take Me Quick
Free From Life's Confusion Humanity You Make Me Sick
I Was Raised To Care And That My Love Would Soon Be Met
Yes, I Was Deceived Now I Only Have Regret

Broken And Alone

This Is My True Story And Heed What I Do Tell
You Have Your Life to Live And I Hope You Live It Well
Cherophobia You Must Rise And Ascend
Hard To Trust In Mankind When The Lies Come From A Friend

Buried Alive

Hole For Your Coffin
Place Your Body In A Box
Lower You Down In The Ground
Your Heart Hasn't Stopped

Awake But Dazed
Don't Know Where You Are
Star Ripping At The Lid
You Aren't Going Far

Buried Alive
Condemned To Your Tomb
But You're Not Dead
Been Buried Too Soon

Know There's No Way Out
Tears Run From Your Eyes
Feeling Hatred Now
It's Go You Despise

Maggots Will Begin
To Tear Off Your Face
While You Are Trapped
In This Wooden Case

Burn In Hell

I'm Creating Death - I'm Killing God
I'm Blaspheming With Your Soul
Burn In Hell - Your Soul & Me
Follow Wisdom - You Will See
Terror & Fear Greet Your Eyes
Now It's Time For You To Die
Jesus Followers - Book Of Rules
Destroy The Trinity And Crush The Fools

Burn In Hell - Your God
Burn In Hell - With Me
Burn In Hell - Forever Stay
Burn In Hell

I'm The Lord - I'm The Goat
I'm The One You Fear The Most
Give Your Soul - Come To Me
I Will Hear Your Final Plea
Raise The Dead - Servants Of Death
All My Children - Their Final Breath
Follow Me To The Grave
The Lord Can't Help You - He Is Afraid

Burning Away

Satan, Your Father
Has Summoned You To Die
The Worms Of Rot
On Wings Of Death You Fly
Cadaver Of Christ
Is Lying At Your Feet
On His Flesh We Dine
The Rancid Holy Meat

You're Burning Away

Holy God
Burning Away
Ancient Ways
Burning Away
Tortured Lives
Burning Away
Bellowing Horror
Burning Away

Tearing The Jesus
Christ From The Holy Womb
Building The Coffin
For An Unholy Tomb
Prayer For Hell
Cannot See The Signs
Forever You'll Burn
With The Sin Full Kind

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