""The Guts Of Christ" remains my favorite NunSlaughter demo. Early in the creation of this demo I hooked up with Jer again.
He was jamming with Exmortis and I was asked to play bass, after I rehearsal I could tell that it was not going to work out but it led to us
discussing NunSlaughter again. After three or four practices we had some tracks put together and we were ready to record.
Unfortunatly our practice spot was broken into and most of our equipment was destroyed. Jer decided to quit music and I went back to college
to enlist Rick and another new drummer. This recording was done in our living room again but this time I engineered the 4 track machine.
The result was a fierce sounding very dark recording. Our old drummer Von was beginning a label and he agreed to release the demo. He printed covers and sent out any tapes. I decided to take over made my own covers and sent out about 200 tapes. Eventually after about a year Von turned over the rest of the tapes and those were circulated as well. This is the reason for the 2 different covers for "The Guts Of Christ".
Only 100 copies of the green covers were made. Not much was said about this demo in fact I think most people hated it."

The Guts Of Christ

Tapes Black - Promo;
Tapes White

April 16th, 1993

NunSlaughter Self Released (US)

The Guts Of Christ_1993_Tapes White_Green Cover

The Guts Of Christ

Tapes White w/ Green Cover


Vonzo Entertainment (US)

The Guts Of Christ

7EP Black;
7EP Blue


Qabalah Productions (Spain)

The Guts Of Christ

7EP Picture Disc

October 29th, 2003

Hells Headbangers Records (US)

The Guts Of Christ

7EP Black - Test Pressing;
7EP Black;
7EP Picture Disc

September, 2005

Hells Headbangers Records (US)

The Guts Of Christ_2020_Tapes Red

The Guts Of Christ

Tapes Red


Night Of The Bloody Tapes

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