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My collection started at the end of 2004, with the purchase of "Hells Unholy Fire" LP Picture Disc version, through a small French label.
After some research on the web, I discovered their discography (7EP, LP, Tapes).
By chance, I had the opportunity to contact and so buy items to Don Crotsley , which allowed me to get some collectors, and since then I started collecting each item.
Since then, many labels all over the world have made beautiful CD, 7EP, LP, Boxset ....
(Hells Headbangers Records, Hoth Records, Turanian Honour Productions, Basement Records, Diabolic Force Productions, Sudaca Records / Southamerica Holocaust / Warfuck Records, Stygian Shadows Productions, Doomentia Records, and more......)

Today (April 7th, 2021), my collection counts 637 articles (but nothing is for sale):

+ Tee Shirt + Goodies (patches, guitar-picks, buttons, stickers....)

and it's not over, more arrivals are planned (or Pre-Ordered) \m/

Discography : G

Discography : J

Discography : K

Discography : U

Discography : V

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Last Update :
April 14th, 2021

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