My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, 
the news of the group, as well as the promotion of the next achievements.

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A Ram Records Release

Ablaze Productions (Mexico)

Agonia Records (Poland)

Ancient Darkness Productions (Denmark)

Anger Of Metal Records (Germany)

Apocalyptor Records (Australia)

AreaDeath Productions (China)

Assaulter Productions / Depths Of Hell Records (US)

Autopsy Kitchen Records (USA)

Barbarian Wrath (Germany)

Basement Records (Malaysia)

Battle Kommand Records (USA)

Bestial Invasion Records (Sweden)

Bestial Onslaught Productions (US)

Blackblood Records (Peru)

Blasphemous Art Records (Italy)

Blastfire Productions (Malaysia)

Bloodbath Records (Japan)

Broken Earth Records (Kingdom Of Bahrain)

Christhunt Productions (Germany)

Cianeto Discos (Brazil)

Dark Forest Productions

Death Division Rituals (Chile)

Deathstrike Records (Germany)

Deliria Productions / Decomposed Sounds (Germany)

Demented Omen Of Masochism (UK)

Demon Dave (US)

Denim & Leather Productions (Chile)

Depressive Illusion Records (Ukraine)

Depths Of Hell Records (US)

Derangement Project Productions (Malaysia)

Devil's Nun (Poland)

Diabolic Force Productions (US)

Diabolical Constellation (Netherlands)

Disillusioned Records / Metal Punk Death Squad (US)

Doomentia Records (Czech Republic)

Doomentia Records / Korek Records (Czech Republic)

Drakkar Productions (France)

Dreamtide Music (Sweden)

Ecocentric Records (Germany)

Empire Records (Belgium)

FASMA Productions (Greece)

Fatalism Musickness (Indonesia)

Final Punishment Records (Netherlands)

From Beyond Productions (Netherlands)

Golden Baphomet Productions

GrimmDistribution / Metal Or Die Records (Russia)

Hardrocker (Poland)

Haunted Hotel Records (US)

Headsplit Records (US)

Heavy Metal Super Star Records (Japan)

Hell Attacks Productions (Colombia)

Hellprod Records (Portugal)

Hells Headbangers Records (USA)

Hells Headbangers Records / Haunted Hotel Records (US)

Hellspike Records / Nigra Mortis Productions (Brazil)

Home Taping Cruelties (US)

Horns & Hoofs Records (Ukraine)

Horror Records (Denmark)

Hoth Records (Portugal)

In Coffin Productions (Thailand)

Infernal Kommando Records (France)

Iron Bonehead Productions (US)

Iron Tyrant (Italy)

Lahti Metal Inquisition (Finland)

Left Hand Patches (Poland)

Let It Bleed Records (Germany)

Mara Productions (Poland)

Menace To Sobriety Records (US)

Merciless Records (Germany)

Metal Punk Death Squad (US)

Metal Throne Productions (Greece)

Metal War Productions (US)

Midnight Records (US)

Mierdas Productions (Mexico)

Morbid Tapes (Malaysia) / D.A.M.

My Mind's Eye Records / Non Commercial (US)

Night Of The Bloody Tapes

Not A Label

Nuclear War Now! Productions (US)

NunSlaughter Records (US)

NunSlaughter Records / Vomitcore Music (US)

Obliteration Records (Japan)

Ordealis Records (France)

Pacheco Records (Argentina)

Paintkiller Records (Belgium)

Pentagram Warfare Records (Denmark)

Pestis Insanie (Russia)

Putrid Cult (Poland)

Qabalah Productions (Spain)

Rancor Records (US)

Rhapsodeath Productions (Malaysia)

Rescued From Life Records (US)

Revenge Productions (Germany)

Ruptura Records (Spain)

Selfmadegod (Poland)

Shifty Records (US)

Sinistrari Records (US)

Sombre Records (Germany)

Soul Erazer Records (Brazil)

Southamerican Holocaust / Warfuck Records (Colombia)

Southamerican Holocaust / Sudaca Records / Warfuck Records (Colombia)

SPA Bear Records (UK)

Spit Out On A Virgin (Germany)

Stygian Shadows Productions (Hungary)

Supposed To Rot (Netherlands)

Take This Torch Records / Narcoleptica Productions / Headbangers Records (Russia / Netherlands)

Terranis Productions (Hungary)

Terror From Hell Records (Italy)

The Black Vomit Records (Brazil)

The Whisper In Darkness (Germany)

Total Därkness Propaganda (Hungary)

Toxic Death Productions (Sweden)

TPL Records (Sweden)

Trauma Records (Colombia)

Turanian Honour Productions (Hungary)

Underground Glory Productions (Colombia)

Unisound Records (Greece)

Universal Tongue (Portugal)

Valour Music (Indonesia)

Violent Resolution (Malaysia)

Vonzo Entertainment (US)

Voz Da Morta (Death Voice Records) (Brazil)

War Hammer Records (US)

Warhemic Productions (US)

War Kommand Productions (Italy)

Warlord Records (Italy)

Warmaster Productions (Malaysia)

Weird Truth Productions (Japan)

Wicked Witch Records (Netherlands)

Witch Sermon Production (US)

Witchhammer Productions (Thailand)

World War Now Productions (China)

Worship The Goat (Netherlands)

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January 15th, 2022

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