"Above all other demos this one stands out as a turning poit in the history of NunSlaughter. We were joined by Jim Sadist for the first time and I broughtback two of the other original members. The Songs were mainly written over the period 1993-1995 when I was living Richmond, VA with Rick Rancid.
He was busy with graduate school so the writing was left mostly up to me but Rancid pitched in when he could with riffs and even penned his first lyrics for the song Immortalize. My enthusiasm for the music never wavered so I moved back to Pittsburgh, PA. Jer heard about NunSlaughter preparing another demo and asked to join in. His main contribution was the first track Power Of Darkness which shines as the defining track. Gregoroth was interested in picking up the microphone again and his voice once again rang true. The Face Of Evil demo was recorded over a period of about 8 hours in a barn we converted into a practice spot.
It was a four track recording nut it had power. Working with Sadist for the first time I Knew we would collaboration on many other project.
This demo has everything: Satanic lyrics, fast songs and unique rhythms. This was Devil Metal."

Face Of Evil

Face Of Evil

7EP Black;
7EP Red


Qabalah Productions (Spain)

Face Of Evil

7EP Black;
7EP Picture Disc

May 13th, 2006

Hells Headbangers Records (US)

Face Of Evil


March, 2016

Valour Music (Indonesia)

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