My collection started in 2004, that's why this page aims to share my collection, the news of the group,
as well as the promotion of the next achievements.

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1998 Rehearsal Demo

January, 1998 - Tapes.

March 15th, 2005 - 7EP Black.
March 15th, 2005 - 7EP Picture Disc.


Ltd to 400 Copies - w/ Insert.
Ltd to 100 Copies - w/ Insert.

"NunSlaughter had been proving ourselves time and time again over the years but we began working with new and different people.
Sadist and I were looking for another release and this one just happened to materialize in the form of a demo tape. Sadist and our guitarist, Blood were in Cleveland, OH I while I was living in Honolulu, HI. We wrote riffs and exchanged them through the mail for a bit.
They had compiled a few songs and sent them to me to listen to.
I thought the heaviness of the tracks was dead on for NunSlaughter so I decided to do a demo.
I recorded the vocal tracks for the three songs in my closet in a small apartment.
The viciousness of all the tracks cut like fire. The song Armies Of The dead was later revamped and included as Resurrection on the Blood Devil Picture disk.
This is another four track recording without all the studio tricks. We wrote many songs and released a few records while I was living in Hawaii.
All have been released but this demo in particular marks my decision to move Cleveland, Ohio and finish mixing the Hells Unholy Fire album."

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