Burnt Ramen

Format : Tapes
Date : April 2nd, 2015
Limited : 003/050 Copies
Label : Hoth Records (Portugal)
Catalog # : #
Note : w/ Patch + A4 Poster.

Live In Richmond, California (USA), December 12th, 2002.

Side A :

A1 - Fire. (Live).

A2 - Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest. (Live).

A3 - You Bleed. (Live).

A4 - Power Of Darkness. (Live).

A5 - Immune To Poison. (Live).

 A6 - Midnight Mass. (Live).

A7 - Black Horn Of The Ram. (Live).

A8 - The Fucking Witch. (Live).

A9 - Bring Me The Head Of God. (Live).

A10 - Sacrificial Zombie. (Live).

A11 - Sickened By The Sight Of Christ. (Live).

Side B :

B1 - Altar Of The Dead. (Live).

B2 - In The Graveyard. (Live).

B3 - Killed By The Cross. (Live).

B4 - She Lives By Night. (Live).

B5 - I Saw Your God Die. (Live).

B6 - Satanic Slut. (Live).

B7 - Burning Away. (Live).

B8 - As The Cacodemons Feast. (Live).

B9 - Burn In Hell. (Live).

B10 - It Is I. (Live).

B11 - Emperor In Hell. (Live).

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