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Split Mi'Gauss











Featuring two of death metal's longest-running bands - NUNSLAUGHTER formed in 1987, while Germany's BLOOD formed the year before - this special split mini-album is a match made in HELL! Totaling seven songs in 18 minutes, the split features exclusive new material from both bands, propagating the glory of classic-values DEATH METAL done the old/right way. NUNSLAUGHTER offer up three quick-hitting bangers of their patented Devil Metal, here featuring the same rock-solid lineup that delivered their massively acclaimed comeback album, Red is the Color of Ripping Death, last year. More ripping and tighter than ever, songs that near the three-minute mark for NUNSLAUGHTER were once considered "epic" for them, but they're again proving the transition delivers the goods in (un)godly fashion. BLOOD likewise saw something of a quiet period in recent years, with their last recorded work being 2017's full-length Inferno, but the Germans' four tracks here show that they're making up for lost time - and then some! After an ominous opening march, BLOOD rip through three more minimalist-is-maximal anthems that prove their Cro-Magnon grinding death is cult eternal, and there's no reason to change it now. A long-overdue matchup here!

Split Mi'Gauss_2021_7EP Black

Format : MNCD
Date : May, 2022
Limited : #
Label : Hells Headbangers Records (United States)
Catalog # : HELLS 232
Note : #

01 - NUNSLAUGHTER - Free From Christ.

02 - NUNSLAUGHTER - This Cross Was Built For You.

03 - NUNSLAUGHTER - Leave Me In My Grave.

04 - BLOOD - Imperator.

05 - BLOOD - Parasite.

06 - BLOOD - Be Doomed.

07 - BLOOD - Sadist.

Split Mi'Gauss_2021_7EP Black

Format : Tapes
Date : May, 2022
Limited : #
Label : Hells Headbangers Records (United States)
Catalog # : HELLSMC135
Note : #

Side A / NunSlaughter :

A1 - Free From Christ.

A2 - This Cross Was Built For You.

A3 - Leave Me In My Grave.

Side B / Blood :

B1 - Imperator.

B2 - Parasite.

B3 - Be Doomed.

B4 - Sadist.

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