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2021-01-00_Hells Unholy Fire

Hells Unholy Firewas Produced by Don Of The Dead and Sadist.
Engineered, Tracked, Mixed, Additional Bass by Brian Sekula.
Recorded at Primetime and Rendez Vous Studios.

*Track B9 "Alternate Mix"

Don Of The Dead - Christ Killing Vocals.
Blood - All Apocalyptic Guitar Devastation.
Jim Sadist - Skins Of The Holy.

Gaveyard Art and Logo by Chris McLean




Hells Unholy Fire_2021-01_Gold Tapes

Format : Tapes Gold
Date : January, 2021
Limited : #
Label : Hells Headbangers Records (USA)
Catalog # : HELLS MC 001
Note : w/ Bonus Track.

Side A :

A1 - I Am Death.

A2 - Death By The Dead.

A3 - Cataclysm.

A4 - The Dead Plague.

A5 - Hells Unholy Fire.

A6 - Killed By The Cross.

A7 - Burning Away.

A8 - NunSlaughter.

A9 - Burn In Hell.

A10 - Blasphemy.

Side B :

B1 - Seas Of Blood.

B2 - Inverted Churches.

B3 - Blood For Blood.

B4 - Impale The Soul Of Christ... On The Inverted Cross Of Death.

B5 - Altar Of The Dead.

B6 - Buried Alive.

B7 - Perversion Of Gore.

B8 - Satanic.

B9 - Cataclysm (Alternative Mix). (Bonus Track).

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