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2021-07-27_Angelic Dread_Tapes

Side B features re-recordings of songs previously only available
on various 7" releases.

All songs written by NunSlaughter. Produced by NunSlaughter.
Engineered and Mastered by Noah Buchanan
Cover Art by George Higham.
Original Layout & Design by Eric Horrorval.
Additional art by Elias Aquino.
Additional Layout Reissue by Diabolical Graphic

Don Of The Dead - Vocals.
Jim Sadist - Drums.
Zack Massacre - Bass / Guitar.




Angelic Dread_2021-07-27_Tapes Black

Format : Tapes Black
Date : July 27th, 2021
Limited : 100 Copies
Label : Fatalism Musickness (Indonesia)
Catalog # : FM-CS0024
Note : #

Side A :

A1 - Angelic Dread.

A2 - Looking Into The Abyss.

A3 - Twisted Spirit.

A4 - Crush The Guff.

A5 - Inner Beast.

A6 - The Lycanthrope.

A7 - Blood Drinker.

A8 - God.

A9 - Doomtown.

A10 - Don't Mourn For Me.

A11 - Infested.

A12 - Coffins And Crosses.

A13 - Three Nails, One Liar.

A14 - One Bad Bitch.

A15 - Death Beyond The Gallows.

Side B :

B1 - Emperor In Hell.

B2 - God Has Lied.

B3 - The Bog People.

B4 - Midnight Mass.

B5 - Shadow World.

B6 - Healing The Possessed.

B7 - In The Graveyard.

B8 - Ouija.

B9 - It Is I.

B10 - Atheist Ways.

B11 - Phantom.

B12 - Sickened By The Sight Of Christ.

B13 - Black Horn Of The Ram.

B14 - Driving Out The Demons.

B15 - Deathlehem.

B16 - Cerebus.

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