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2014-11-00_Live At CBGB's

"These two disks  contain some of the foulest deat metal we have ever created. They are harsh souding. The DVD and CD contain guitar flubs, drum mishapps, wrong vocals and sour bass notes. All in all these are what a live NunSlaughter show is like. Unpolished and ugly...the way death metal should be. Nonetheless we are proud to offer up these live shows from NunSlaughter vault. Thanks Seth for backing voice!"

Live At CBGB, New York, NY, United States, March 24th, 2001.

Includes a T-Shirt, Shot Glass, Logo Pin & Goat Head Pin.

Don Of The Dead - Pustular // Mephtic.
Jim Sadist - Stinking // Purulent.
Duaniac - Tainted // Sour.
Grim - Moldering // Noxious.


Live At CBGB's_2014-11_CD-DVD_Boxset

Format : CD/DVD
Date : November, 2014
Limited : #
Label : Ablaze Productions (Mexico)
Catalog # : ABP 061
Note : Wooden Boxset.

CD :

CD-1 - Fire. (Live).

CD-2 - In The Graveyard. (Live).

CD-3 - Black Horn Of The Ram. (Live).

CD-4 - The Dead Plague. (Live).

CD-5 - Power Of Darkness. (Live).

CD-6 - Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest. (Live).

CD-7 - Death By The Dead. (Live).

CD-8 - Emperor In Hell. (Live).

CD-9 - It Is I. (Live).

CD-10 - She Lives By Night. (Live).

CD-11 - Killed By The Cross. (Live).

CD-12 - The Fucking Witch. (Live).


DVD-1 - Fire. (Live).

DVD-2 - Death By The Dead. (Live).

DVD-3 - Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest. (Live).

DVD-4 - The Dead Plague. (Live).

DVD-5 - Power Of Darkness. (Live).

DVD-6 - NunSlaughter. (Live).

DVD-7 - In The Graveyard. (Live).

DVD-8 - Black Horn Of The Ram. (Live).

DVD-9 - Midnight Mass. (Live).

DVD-10 - Killed By The Cross. (Live).

DVD-11 - Devil Metal. (Live).

DVD-12 - Atheist Ways. (Live).

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