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2008-04-04_Novel Nasty Nugget

Rehearsal, November 2007.
All tracks are previously unreleased rehearsals, brand new recorded.
Original sound Recorded & Mastered by NunSlaughter.
Recorded at Mother Marys Rehearsal Compound November 2007.
Remastered by Y.Takahashi at Hedollah Studio, Japan.
Front Cover Jacket by Lon Skull (c) 2007.
Back Cover Photograph by the OLGA International (c) 2007.
Model : DeadlyGoddess Shee-Warrior.
Picture Disk Photo on Version-G & Version-B by the OLGA Int.
Jacket All Hand Manufactured by HMSS Factory

Don Of The Dead - Stink.
Sadist - Fetor.
Reaper - Malador.
Zack Massacre - Reek.


Novel Nasty Nugget_2008-04-04_LP Black_Test

Format : LP Black
Date : April 4th, 2008
Limited : #
Label : Heavy Metal Super Star Records (Japan)
Catalog # : HMSS-CD-61
Note : Test Pressing, Single Sided.

Novel Nasty Nugget_2008-04-04_LP Semi Pict Disc

Format : LP Semi-Picture Disc
Date : April 4th, 2008
Limited : #077/035/105 Copies
Label : Heavy Metal Super Star Records (Japan)
Catalog # : HMSS-CD-61
Note : Bondage Version, Single Sided.

Side A :

A1 - Church Of Disgust.

A2 - Cerebus.

A3 - Burried Alive.

A4 - Cryptic Aeon.

A5 - Perversion Of Gore.

A6 - Murder By The Stake.

A7 - Sickened By The Sight Of Christ.

A8 - Ride My Nightmare.

Side B :

no track

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