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2007-08-21_Hex_LP Pict Disc

Produced by Don Of The Dead.
Recorded January 2007 at Shithead Studios.
Mixed by Rob Carlyon at Aloha Studios.
All music / lyrics written by NunSlaughter.
Hex lyrics taken / inspired by traditional binding spell.
All guitars on Hex by Reaper.
Band Photos by Scott Schumacher.
Cover Image created by George Higham.
Layout and Graphic Design by Eric Horrorval - Hells Headbangers.

Don Of The Dead - Vocals.
Jim Sadist - Drums.
Reaper - Bass / Guitars.



Hex_2007-08-21_LP Pict Disc

Format : LP Picture Disc
Date : August 21st, 2007
Limited : #
Label : Hells Headbangers Records (United States)
Catalog # : HELLS PLP 014
Note : w/ Custom Outer Die Cut Cover, w/ Insert, w/ Poster.

Side A :

A1 - This Is Fucking War.

A2 - I Hate Christians.

A3 - Pyre.

A4 - To Defile.

A5 - Immortalize.

A6 - Ogrish.

A7 - Unbaptized.

A8 - Hex.

Side B :

B1 - Smell The Burning Churches.

B2 - Face Of Evil.

B3 - Lucifer.

B4 - My Evil Concubine.

B5 - Slaughter The Heavens.

B6 - No Place For The Cross.

B7 - Rebuilding Sodom.

B8 - Riders Of The Apocalypse.

B9 - Power Of Darkness.

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