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2006-06-06_The Devil Has His Day











The Devil Has His Day_2006-06-06_Tapes White

Format : Tapes White
Date : June 6th, 2006
Limited : #080/287 Copies
Label : Dreamtide Music (Sweden)
Catalog # : DTM 003MC
Note : #

Side Death :

A1 - Preacher. (Running Wild Cover).

A2 - Mother Cunt Whore.

A3 - Cerebus.

A4 - Healing The Possessed.

A5 - The Fog.

A6 - Nocturnal Hell. (Slaughter Cover).

A7 - Damned Be The Souls.

A8 - Cryptic Aeon.

A9 - Haunted Places.

A10 - The Supreme Beast.

A11 - Phantom.

A12 - Driving Out The Demons.

A13 - Kill Your Enemies. (Black Task Cover).

Side Blood :

B1 - Haunted Places.

B2 - The Bog People.

B3 - Cryptic Aeon.

B4 - Raid The Convent.

B5 - Burn The Cross.

B6 - Ride My Nightmare.

B7 - Burn The Cross (Jim Version).

B8 - All Of The Dead.

B9 - Leave The Church Behind.

B10 - Titan.

B11 - Haunted Places.

B12 - Raid The Convent.

Side Death :

Track A1 From "Split w/ Centinex.
Tracks A2 to A2 From "Cerebus".
Tracks A4 to A5 From "Split w/ Goatlord".
Tracks A6 to A7 From "Split w/ Slaughter".
Tracks A8 to A9 From "Split w/ Nocturnal".
Tracks A10 to A13 From "The Supreme Beast".

Side Blood :

Tracks B1 to B4 From "The Bog People".
Tracks B5 to B8 From "Burn The Cross".
Tracks B9 to B10 From "Split w/ Krieg".
Tracks B11 to B12 From - Pats In The Flats Unreleased Live December, 2003.

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