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2006-04-22_Hate Your God

Rehearsal, October 11th, 2002.

Recorded at Mother Marys Vagina Rehearsal Studio.
Artwork by Andreas Svensson (R.I.P)
Layout by Don Of The Dead.
Photos By Kevin Fye.

Dwellers Of Darkness :
Don Of The Dead - Nigritude.
Sadist - Caliginosity.
Duaniac - Crepuscule.
Grim - Tenebreus.




Hate Your God_2006-04-22_Tapes Clear

Format : Tapes Clear
Date : April 22nd, 2006
Limited : #020/300 Copies
Label : Final Punishment Records (Netherlands) / Diabolical Constellation (Netherlands)
Catalog # : XCTN002 / none
Note : w/ Sticker.

Side A :

A1 - Intro.

A2 - The Crowned And Conquering Hag.

A3 - You Bleed.

A4 - The Dead Plague.

A5 - Power Of Darkness.

A6 - The Fucking Witch.

A7 - Midnight Mass.

A8 - Emperor In Hell.

A9 - Sacrificial Zombie.

A10 - I Saw Your God Die.

A11 - In The Graveyard.

A12 - As The Cacodemons Feast.

A13 - Burning Away.

Side B :

B1 - Satanic Slut.

B2 - Altar Of The Dead.

B3 - Burn In Hell.

B4 - I Am Death.

B5 - Angel Hunt.

B6 - Killed By The Cross.

B7 - Bring Me The Head Of God.

B8 - Ritual Of Darkness.

B9 - Nunslaughter.

B10 - Atheist Ways.

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