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2002-00-00_The Day We Die


Tracks A1 to A3 From "Split w/ Bloodsick".
Tracks A4 to A6 From "Split w/ Dekapitator".
Tracks A7 to A9 From "Split w/ Crucifier".
Tracks A10 to A14 From "Blood Devil".
Tracks B1 to B3 From "Split w/ Derketa".
Tracks B4 to B7 From "Trifurcate".
Tracks B8 to B10 From "Split w/ Grand Belial's Key".
Tracks B11 to B12 From "Split w/ Dr. Shrinker".
Track B13 From "Split w/ Cianide".




The Day We Die_2002_Tapes Black

Format : Tapes Black
Date : 2002
Limited : #174/300 Copies
Label : Rhapsodeath Productions (Malaysia)
Catalog # : Death 01
Note : #

Side A :

A1 - I.N.R.I.

A2 - Power Of Darkness.

A3 - Sacrifice. (Sacrifice Cover).

A4 - Emperor In Hell.

A5 - Demon's Gate.

A6 - Bring Me The Head Of God.

A7 - If The Dead Could Speak.

A8 - Devil Metal.

A9 - Black Beast.

A10 - Church Bizarre.

A11 - Midnight Mass.

A12 - Resurrection.

A13 - It Is I.

A14 - Poisoned Priest.

Side B :

B1 - Black Horn Of The Ram.

B2 - The Devil.

B3 - Murder By The Stake.

B4 - Fire.

B5 - Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest.

B6 - Atheist Ways.

B7 - The Fucking Witch.

B8 - In The Graveyard.

B9 - Torment.

B10 - Hellchild. (Venom Cover).

B11 - Ouija.

B12 - I Saw Your God Die.

B13 - Sickened By The Sight Of Christ.

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