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2001-11-00_Blood Devil

Tracked and Mixed by Beaker Studios, Cleveland, Ohio July, 1999.
Mastered by Robb Carlyon at Aloha Sound, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cover Illustration by Steve Stibora.
Layout and Design by Sam Biles.

Don Of The Dead - Vocal Christ Hating.
Jim Sadist - The Devil's Pulse.
Insidious - Bass of Holy Disgrace.
Blood - Dark Lord of Evil Chords.




Blood Devil_2001_7EP Pict Disc

Format : 7EP Picture Disc
Date : November, 2001
Limited : 300 Copies
Label : Revenge Productions (Germany)
Catalog # : RVP 5Pic
Note : w/ Bonus Track.

Side Blood :

A1 - Church Bizarre.

A2 - Midnight Mass.

A3 - Resurrection. (Bonus Track).

Side Devil :

B1 - It Is I.

B2 - Poisoned Priest.

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